Friday, 10 October 2014

VIDEO: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 ' - The Calm'

Xo_xo Excited about the Return Of Arrow with a season 3, I thought it ended in Season 2, I was really excited when I came across it...
Below is a lil something About Season 3... With crime in Starling City at an all-time low thanks to the Arrow and his team, Oliver thinks he can finally balance being both the Arrow and Oliver Queen and asks Felicity out on a date. However, when a new villain emerges, who has claimed the name Vertigo from the recently deceased Count, Oliver is caught off-guard and someone close to him is hurt. Oliver and a newly suited up Roy take on the Count. Laurel joins Arrow's inner circle and Felicity gets a part-time job at a tech store to make ends meet. Also, Oliver fights to regain his company, Queen Consolidated, but comes up against a very worthy.



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