Monday, 13 October 2014

NEWS: #AlahjiRoszayBlog P Diddy Forgives Papparazzi That Scratched His $400k (65 Million Naira) Maybach [VIDEO]

 Despite its terrible gas millage, a Maybach will cost you between about 400K and a little over a million. We’re thinking Diddy’s Maybach is pretty tricked out and would be closer to a mil.
Said Maybach suffered a tragedy last night outside of a LA club. Diddy was partying inside with a crowd that included former flame Jenifer Lopez. When he emerged the paparazzi swarmed and in the crush of cameras one of the paps was knocked into the side of Diddy’s Maybach, substantially scuffing the door with his equipment.
See photo of his scratch maybach below...

One of Diddy’s bodyguards noticed the damaged door and called out the offending lensman, who looked crestfallen. However, Diddy didn’t give the nervous fellow a hard time. Instead, he just asked the alleged scratcher if he was “alright” and then entered into his damaged car.
Would you be so forgiving if some messed up your seven figure whip? Although we guess having enough money to buy such a car could also buy you a lot of benevolence toward the clumsy of the world.
  also check out the video below...


 source: TMZ


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