Thursday, 30 October 2014

BREAKING NEWS: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Chinedu Ubachukwu wins the Gulder Ultimate Search!!! 2014 #GUSTheMission

"After 26 murderous days in the Aguleri jungle, after days and nights of pain and sorrow; thinking about the unknown, nursing your wounds with sweat, with blood,

24year Old Chinedu Ubachuckwu has emerged the winner for Gulder ultimate search 2014, he beat
Cossy and Afolabi to race to the generals helmet. The contestants that were evicted earlier in the show were: Otto Canon, Ikenna Emedike, Addoh Evi, Iroh Noella, Blessing Eriata, Loretta Erijakpor, Sandra Nwagbagiro, Samantha Appi, Sharon Robinson, Joshua
Nwagboso and Iwuoha Ikenna.

The Anambra state indigene thus became the 11th winner of Africa's first and longest running reality
TV show. To attain the feat, he edged out 28-year old Emmanuel Afolabi and 29 year-old Nne Cosy Joe. After more than three weeks in the jungle, only the three contestants survived the harsh weather conditions and the arduous tasks they were subjected to. Their final task was to retrieve the great General's Warm helmet which according to folklore, had been hidden in
the belly of the Aguleri Forest of Anambra State. Ironically, when the contestants commenced their
journey from Boat Landing, where they camped the previous night, Chinedu appeared the weakest of them.
He even stated that he was not 100 per cent fit; adding that if the final search for the helmet became a purely physical task, it may be to his disadvantage. Chinedu was the last to climb over a very high wall and the remaining contestants insisted that he should be the first to cross another rope ladder which was suspended between two trees because he appeared weak.

For his feat, Chinedu will be rewarded with N10 million and a brand new SUV at a party fit only for royalty. Two other contestants will also receive brand new vehicles.
They are Samantha Appi, who will drive home a brand new Ford Eco sport for emerging as the Last Woman Standing and the winner of the Viewers' Choice, whowill go home with a Ford Focus.
Congrats to The Ultimate Man "Chinedu Ubachukwu"

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