Friday, 24 October 2014

MOVIE: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Arrow Season 3 •Episode 3•

Six months ago, Thea Queen left Starling City full of anger
and in the company of her biological father Malcolm
Merlyn. 'Corto Maltese' finds out what she's been up to since
she came under Malcolm's tutelage, and it's as twisted as
one would expect.
As for her brother Oliver, he's still trying to find out who
killed Sara Lance but the trail has gone cold. After finding
out from Felicity that Thea is not in Italy but in Corto
Maltese, Oliver decides to do the only thing he can and
bring his sister home.
After Lyla finds out where Oliver is going, she asks Diggle to
accompany him and find an A.R.G.U.S. agent, Mark Shaw,
who's gone dark down there. Mark is an old friend and Lyla
doesn't want to get him in trouble with Amanda Waller.
Oliver arrives on the fictional South American island with
Diggle and Roy but wants to speak with his sister alone first.
After unknowingly escaping one of Malcolm's arrows, Oliver
finds Thea working in a local cafe, where she is honestly
happy to see him.
She apologizes for lying to him about being in Italy but
when he asks her to come home, she balks. She's never
coming back to Starling City. She's been lied to too much
and can't return.
Instead of seeing Oliver's flashbacks, we see Thea's as
Malcolm starts her training. After talking about his own
training after his wife's death, Malcolm says every warrior
must learn the truth that pain is inevitable and suffering is
optional. Much to Thea's horror, she learns this as he pours
boiling hot water on her hands.
As the flashbacks continue, Malcolm decides he must train
her as his student and not as his daughter. In a shocking
move, he attacks her until her natural instincts make her
spring to defense. Now, her education can really begin.
Completely unaware that this is what his baby sister has
been up to, Oliver believes that the only way to regain her
trust is to tell her everything. Diggle points out that he might
lose her forever but Oliver notes he already lost her and he
doesn't have any other choice.
As Oliver opens up to Thea, she reminds him that he lied to
her about Malcolm. He counters that while Malcolm is her
blood, Robert was her father. Oliver finally confesses that
their father made it off the Gambit with him but later killed
himself so that his son would survive. Each of their parents
sacrificed themselves so that their children could live and
that can't be in vain. He needs his sister back.

Credits: New York Daily & 02tvseries...


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