Tuesday, 28 October 2014

NEWS: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Wizkid Placed In Handcuffs For Smoking Marijuana Weed In Non-Smoking Crowne Plaza Hotel In Nairobi, Kenya

According to media outlets in Kenya, Star singer Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid had a bit of legal trouble
in Kenya over the weekend when he was caught breaking the law for smoking marijuana weed in the hotel.

Tho! WizKid has not made any comments about the report, neither had Victoria Kimani who was alleged to have helped resolve
the issue with the Police.
According to Standard Media Kenya, Wizkid was in Nairobi for two concerts on Saturday and a video shoot. He reportedly check into Nairobi Crowne Plaza, one of the top non- smoking presidential suites in the capital city of Kenya. When Wizkid was about checking out, the manager of then hotel questioned him about weed possession after he was
caught on camera smoking in the suite.

The questioning we learnt upset the star boy who engaged in a hot argument. At the climax of the argument, the hotel management called the police. To cut the long story short, Wizkid was placed in
handcuffs and taken to Capital Hill Police station for
Before leaving the hotel, he was forced to pay close to N93,000 (50,000 Kenyan Shilling) as a fine to the hotel. Wizkid was later freed from police detention after Victoria Kimani secured his bail.

Sources in the know claimed since his return from the United States where he mingled with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, Wizkid has become a weed-smoking addict.


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