Monday, 22 September 2014

NEWS: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Wizkid Will Be A Legend, And It'll Happen Soon by Joey's Akan •must read•

There's a special place for special people. A space, a void, a realm, bounded all around by virtual dimensions that can never be unravelled. Only a select few can have access to this mystery realm, this land which defies all who try to access it. You cannot visit it on your own accord, no. It finds
you at birth, shapens your every action, and links you to your fate. It's destiny.
This mystery land has been given a lot of names. Some call it
'genius', some call it the sixth realm, but for us, let's just be content to call it the 'in-between'. I choose the name 'in- between' because you can never truly say you know where
it is. It's in-between worlds. This world of mortals, and that of beyond.

Only special people have access to it. Aristotle, Socratis, Alexander The Great, Pluto, Rene Descartes, Charlie Chaplin, Einstein, Arnold Schwarznegger, Wole Soyinka,
Chinua Achebe, Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa, Aliko Dangote, Jay Z, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
, and lots of others have at one time or the other, been sojourners in this realm.

The in-between is the land of wisdom. Where the river of knowledge and every talent flow ceaselessly. Geniuses are born from it, and when they get into earth, filled with mortals and reality, they become gods. Unlike this world that is forever bounded by physics, gravity, laws, percentages, likelihoods and routines, masters from the in- between are not slaves to these. They defy it.
Wizkid is from the in-between. Slowly, with each passing day he gets to prove that, to reveal his true self to the world. Buoyed by the brilliance of his first album – Super Star – he
has since risen through the ranks to the top of African music.

2013 saw him falter a bit. Record contract troubles, the fall- out with EME, the giant step of setting up his record label, all of these made him lose a bit of connection with his true
calling. But in that year he also released 'Jaiye Jaiye', 'Your
Matter', 'Talk', Caro, and others. 2014 was supposed to be the year when he nails it. A planned album release that took forever to taste reality, had made the fans begin to doubt his talent. Also it hasn't helped that Davido has grown in expertise, and industry. Many
have wrongly compared him to Davido, and in so doing, created a bit of a rivalry that only exist in the minds of fans.

In the strictest sense, Davido and Wizkid aren't competitors. When stripped to their barest, they're just good musicians earning a living from their passion. But throw in the attendant glitter, glamour, fans and lifestyle, and boom! They become arch-enemies. Which they aren't. Now Wizkid has dropped his album, 'Ayo', » and already, it's a hit. Containing great tunes, and spanning diverse
genres and infusions, certain songs are already becoming a hit.

Get the album if you haven't already, and listen to ' Ojuelegba' song. It's a slice of heaven.
Wizkid is on a path to greatness, and surely will be a legend. It's not because he has everything working for him, or he has got the talent to astound. It's his destiny to make music, it's fate that made him gravitate towards this life of songs and glitter. He comes from the in-between.

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