Tuesday, 23 September 2014

NEWS: #AlhajiRoszayBlog Dumbest Guy On Earth "Kevin Hart" breaks his new Iphone 6 •see photo•

While some of us are busy thinking how we gna lay our hands on the new Device Iphone 6 whose sales is currently 10millions in its first four Days.
Well Apparently, someone who refers to himself as the dumbest being on earth at the moment just broke his Iphone 6, lol! Its no other person than Mr Kevin Hart! And he is not happy about it.

He uploaded the photo of his broken device and captioned it "And the award for the dumbest guy on the planet goes to me… who buys the new iPhone 6 & drops it and cracks his screen? The answer is ME."

With a reported net worth of $9 million dollars, Hart paying
full retail price for a new one at upwards of $749 dollars
wouldn't even put a dent in his pocket.


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