Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fashion and lifestyle : QUICK STEPS ON HOW TO KNOT A TIE


Ties are a prominent accessory men wear to brighten up their outfit. While suits are generally plain on most occasions, ties come in various colors, styles and add an extra oomph to a corporate or casual outfit.

Typically a male fashion item, more and more women are donning it for a “tomboy” look.  Not only can ties be difficult to knot at first, there are several kinds of knots that are tied for different occasions.

The four in hand knot is the most common and easiest type. It’s a little asymmetrical at the neck and matches well on shirts with narrow spread collars or button down collar dress shirts. Typically, the four-in-hand knot goes best with skinny or medium-width ties and is usually preferred by tall men. Therefore, this knot is best for a dressy occasion that is not highly formal, such as parties or social outings.

Leading online shopping community ,Kaymu has put together quick basic steps on how to tie a four in hand knot:

Step 1: Stand in front of the mirror: Your collar should be up, your shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and the tie around your neck. The wide end of the tie should be on the side of your dominant hand. So if you're right-handed, the wider end should be hanging on your right side. If you're left-handed, the wider end should be hanging on your left side.

Step 2: Look for a seam on the front of the narrow end of the tie.

Step 3: Move the wide end over the narrow end so they cross each other on the seam.

Step 4: Pull the wide end behind the narrow end.

Step 5: Bring the wide end around. It should be facing off to your left.

Step 6: Bring the wide end under the narrow end again.

Step 7: Pull the wide end of the tie under the loop around your neck.

Step 8: Pull the wide end down through the knot at the front of the tie.

Step 9Tighten the knot by sliding it up the narrow end. Make sure your tie is straight and the length is appropriate.

Photocredit: wikihow

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