Tuesday, 10 December 2013

NEWS: YQ unfollows everyone on Twitter (except the Late Dagrin)

Mayne! I was surprised to get a twitter notification about YQ unfollowing me on twitter but of cos there was a reason for his actions... YQ is looking at restarting his
music career as it seems to have plummeted in the last
few years.
The Pop singer over the weekend changed his Twitter
handle from @YQJUBRIL to @iam_YQ and then
unfollowed all his followers on the social network except
the late Dagrin (who was until his death, a very close
He then went on a lengthy explanation…
First, let me start by saying a very big thank you to
everyone who's been there from the start, y'all are the
reason we're still here. Next, thank you also to all the
principalities/obstacles/haters and co. Y'all are the
reason we're a million times stronger now. Not forgetting
of cos d spectators who reside on the fence. Y'all are the
reason we're smarter. Keep looking, d show is just about
to start.
In summary, everyone has contributed to the journey in a
way or the other. We appreciate you all. Growth and
Progress are the new favourite words to me and my
team. We therefore decided to evaluate ourselves and
chart a way forward. When you sleep and wake up
everyday, it's a fresh start. Unless you don't see it as
one. So we are at this point identifying and taking control
of our own fresh start… A new beginning, new
possibilities, new energy, new YQ!
They say sometimes you need to go back for you to
move forward, so today I unfollowed all my followers on
Twitter. And I make a humble appeal to everyone to
please accept it as a move to create a better YQ for
everyone. As this isn't cos I got tired of seeing all your
tweets, but cos we're building this house all over again
from the foundation for the better. Before you take it
personal, remember I unfollowed my siblings, friends,
manager, fans as well.
But of course if you still find it offensive after that, please
feel free to use the unfollow button too. Big s/o to the
only guy I couldn't find the b*lls to unfollow @
Dagrinfimile. In my heart always! GOD bless you all as I
welcome y'all to the new beginning!
Nigerian music enthusiasts will tell you that the last few
years have been very tough for YQ. After releasing his
lukewarm debut 'I Am YQ' under a JV deal with Storm
Records and 2koncept Entertainment in August 2012,
the Pop singer failed to sustain the hype. 2011 saw the
likes of Wizkid, Davido, taking the centre stage.
We'd love to see YQ (who's pretty talented by the way)
bounce back with his new single featuring Olamide. We
aren't sure about his new Twitter policy, but remember
Dr SID did the same a few months ago? Now look where
that got him this year – a potential hit single 'Surulere',
an upcoming album and a most interestingly, a wife.


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