Monday, 30 December 2013

NEWS: An Open Love Letter To woo Waje’s Daughter ‘Emerald’ *MUST READ* by guys expecially

Open Letter to me is a medium of expressing one's feelings to the world in particular, some use it to get attentions, to put people back on the right tracks or to Woo the daughter of a famous celebrity...LOL!
What you'r about to read below has got nothing to do with Politics nor The Headies, its an Open Letter from Mr Lover boy Opeyemi (@
Opepwinc_Nelson On Twitter) he thinks he has got
some vibes to be a future King to WAJE's Daughter Emerald"

Some say he's out of his mind, he has been watching too much high school and fairy tale movies, oya feel free to share your thoughts + emmm! Do y'all think she will say yes.

See what he wrote below...

Dear Emerald

My name is Opeyemi, but i call myself Opepwince (@
Opepwinc_Nelson On Twitter) because I think I've got
some vibes to be a future King which means if you
accept to be my future pwincess you might also be my
future Queen. LOL! 'I WISH'.
Though I don't know much about you but I what I know
for sure is that your name is Emerald Iruobe from Edo
state, am I correct?! Don't bother to answer now, I'm
sure we'll talk more when we eventually see. Just read
on darl'
I'm taking this bold move and making this very first
step to capture your heart. Reason is, I need the
heavens to smile down on us because we practice
what the heavens require. Before I move on, I'm sure
you won't believe if I tell you I've started telling my
friends and my brothers about you.
So before I fall too deep without finding anyone to help
me out, let me quickly lay it out straight to you that I
am looking at you as a rib of my ribs.
Can you imagine the picture I'm painting?
Anyway, I hope it will also interest you to know I've
been a devout listener of your mom's songs. In reality,
she makes love sound so real and special and just
because I'm a lover of her songs, I want to make you
Real and Special.
I don't want to stress you into listening to the
numerous songs of your mom, but heyyy, listen to her
first line out of her 'Na The Way' ft Sarkodie and
understand the perfect image I'm talking about.
Just before you listen to de song, read from here, she
said "Remember, the first time I saw your face, you
have a twinkle in your eye and you made me smile,
every other day, I had tears rolling down my face, you
held my hand and said it'll be okay…"
That's just a snippet.
I'm sure you know your name – Emerald is one of the
few precious stones that the Earth possess.
You're a pearl and I wish to keep you as though you've
just been rooted out and I wish to keep you and refine
you – if only you give me a chance.
The Question is: Will you be my Lover, Yes/No?
Thanks to Banky W.


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