Friday, 13 December 2013

NEWS: Khloe Kardashian Could Make Millions From Lamar Odom Split

What attracted me most about the news was the fact that "Khloe will be entitled to $500,000 for each year married to Lamar!!! Chaiii!" Like seriously I don't think this girls are ever going to get married *am just saying*
Khloe is set to get quite a few consolation prizes out of her impending divorce from troubled husband,
Lamar. The reality star will reportedly get to keep the
couple's $4 million Tarzana, Calif. mansion and her $
1 million engagement ring!
Khloe Kardashian has taken measures to hold on to her
bling in her just-released divorce documents, but
according to a new report, it's already in the bag! Khloe
will reportedly retain her engagement ring and all other
jewelry and presents given to her by Lamar Odom
during their rocky marriage — and it's all thanks to the
"iron-clad" prenup the couple signed before their sudden
nuptials in 2009.
Khloe Kardashian's Prenup — Divorce Could Cost
Lamar Odom Over $10M
Khloe requested in her court docs that Lamar not be
given any spousal support — but what about the other
way around?

"Khloe will be entitled to $500,000 for each year married
to Lamar and she could petition for spousal support," a
source familiar with the couple's prenup tells Radar
Online. "However, she would only be entitled to spousal
support from Lamar for half the length of their marriage,
which would be less than two years."
The source adds that the prenup should prevent Lamar
from requesting any financial support from Khloe — not
that he needs it! Lamar is believed to be worth up to $
100 million, while Khloe is said to be worth around $18
"Lamar waived his rights to seek spousal support from
Khloe and any claims to any money she earned from the
Kardashian empire," the source says.
And Khloe could be in for a lot more money should
anything unfortunate happen to Lamar.
"Khloe will remain as the beneficiary on a $10 million life
insurance policy Lamar has and that will remain for the
rest of their lives," the source reveals.

Na wa oh!!!

Culled from Hollywoodlife...


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