Monday, 16 December 2013

NEWS: Access Bank’s Aig Imokhuede Sacks 200 Staff, Squanders N200m On Mariah Carey

If not for the internet, None of knew about the arrival of the Multi award Grammy Winner "Mariah Carey" Apparently there are rumors surrounding the Amount of Money spent on this concert, cos from what I heard.Mariah Carey was paid 200million Naira!!! During her 10hours stay in Lagos *drooling*

Ok oh! Now back to the main news,
According to sources [National Enquirer magazine] the bank's management yesterday
had a weird end of the year bash at the 3rd floor of the
prestigious Intercontinental hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos
and those who attended confided in us that, the fun was
unlimited as bottles of champagnes were popped like
This office gathered reliably that, the Access Bank MD,
Aig had been dreaming of hosting this one in town party
where Mariah Carey will host few of his very close
friends and confidants, even not all Access Bank's staff
were opportune to attend, yet the party was tagged
"Access Bank End Of Year Bash".
National Enquirer gathered exclusively that, in the front
burner of the logistics of bringing Mariah Carey is Aig's
deputy, Herbert Wigwe who's believed to be stepping in
as the new MD, once Aig leaves next year.
"I can't imagine why a whole bank, an institution
entrusted in keeping public fund will embark on such a
monumental waste of spending such a stupendous
amount on bringing a musician from the U.S for just a
party, what kind of party are you doing that can't pay a
Nigerian artiste, we knew that was why he sacked almost
200 staff last month to be able to accommodate the
wasteful party and launder some funds, the MD is too
randy, that was how they're using people's money to
acquire private jet, this is somebody that's lobbying to
become governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, his days
are definitely numbered, we're compiling documents of
some of his financial atrocities to give to the press soon,
we must expose them" one of the aggrieved staff told us.
The stupendously rich MD of Access Bank, Aig was the
host of honour yesterday at the grade A party where he
was seen feeling cool and having fun at the Mariah
Carey party where Champagne and other assortment of
quality wines and much to munch were "ACCESS-ibly' in
Efforts to speak to any of the bank's corporate
communication staff were abortive as their phones rang
endlessly without response; we guess they're still
recovering from hangover from the party but we later got
to know that, the wild lavish party was meant to send-
forth the bank's MD who's said to be retiring but at then,
spending such money on a send-forth gig is rather too
much comparing what our society is saying.


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