Sunday, 15 December 2013

NEWS: Toke Makinwa Confirms Breakup With Maje Ayida After 12 Years Of Dating

Mayne! 12years of dating someone and you end up not marrying that person *that's sick!!! LOL! Well according to City People Magazine...Toke said in a recent interview with the mag, see details below

"I am not under any pressure to get married. It's the
society that puts pressure on women not minding that
divorce rates are high.
I was once in a long term relationship with Maje Ayida and
it has come to an end. I think it's unfair for me to speak
about our relationship because he is not here to defend
himself. He is an amazing guy but it was not meant to be.
It's strange being single again but I am taking it one step
after the other.
One of the mistakes I made in my last relationship is that
we dated for a long time. They were amazing years but
they were also 12 long years. When you are faithful to
someone, know what you can tolerate.


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