Sunday, 3 November 2013

News: Jstin Bieber caught leaving a Brothel covered in white bed sheets [photos]

Teen Star Justin bieber just got more Scandalous, after
he was caught leaving a brothel covered in white bed
A source said " Justin B has been forced out of his hotel
room by the huge amount of fans that had gathered
outside made it impossible for him to get in and out as he
pleased, so he planned to go to a private members club"
However Justin 19 ended up swinging buy a popular
BROTHEL, later he was allegedly seen leaving with two
women (not his minders) from the brothel.
I know that you would likely ask, how did I know it was
him? Well who wouldn't, if you are a fan/supporter of
JUSTIN BIEBER then any where you see that glorious
tattoo of his on his wrist, even if it in your dreams, you
would know that its him and Yes I am sure its him.
Oya any questions?

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