Thursday, 21 November 2013

EVENT: Fashion Fushion 2013

#FASHIONFUSION2013, scheduled for December 2013
is the first of its kind. This youth empowerment initiative
targeted at empowering aspiring young designers that
have ventured into the fashion industry. The event will be
creatively organized to showcase the colorfulness and
creativity of our Nigerian youth designers and models,
with side attractions like artiste performance and comedy
show. Firstly, the designers and models shall pass
through a preliminary screening stage then 15
outstanding designers and 25 outstanding models shall
be chosen to showcase their creativity at #
FASHIONFUSION2013. The designer with the best
showcase shall be determined by our panel of judges,
that will include MAI ATAFO (Mai Atafo inspired),
ADEBAYO (orange culture)etc. The model with the best
catwalk shall also be decided. The best in these two
categories (Showcase & catwalk) shall be given a cash
prize of 250,000Naira and 50,000Naira respectively
amongst other benefits.
Interested parties should download form here: (PDF FORMAT) (WORD DOC FORMAT)
If you are interested in being a part of this ground
breaking project, whether as a sponsor, partner or
participant, contact:
Ebere C. Ekeledo +2348180321046|
[email protected]
And I can assure you there is a lot of growing
opportunities to benefit from this project.


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