Saturday, 23 November 2013

BREAKING NEWS: American Rapper WALE [mmg] to miss Ice Prince's Fire of Zamani Concert •FOZ• Today Because His Flight Ticket Wasn’t Paid For

Like seriously, I have been patiently to see pictures of Wale arrive lagos, Nigeria but I am sad to announce he won't be performing today... See details below
Maybach Music recording artiste would not be making
the trip down to Lagos for the Fire of Zamani concert, the
label has said. In a statement shared on Twitter hours
ago, MayBach Music rep blames the organizers –
believed to be Kilimanjaro for not paying paying plane
tickets for the recording artiste. UK rapper, Chip is
however in town – making his rounds on radio interviews.
See tweets from MayBach Music on the Wale situation
Wale has a statement regarding his Nigeria trip. Here
it is….

— Maybach Music Group (@MaybachMusicGrp)
November 23, 2013
Explaining further:
"To my Nigerian people. It saddens me to share this
news but I am not able to make it to the show in
Lagos on 23 Nov because the promoter..

— Maybach Music Group (@MaybachMusicGrp)
November 23, 2013
..did not handle logistics. I was at the airport in NYC
trying to get on the flight but my tickets were not paid
for so even if I wanted…

— Maybach Music Group (@MaybachMusicGrp)
November 23, 2013 do a free show, it would not be possible for me to
get there. This is not the fault of @iceprincezamani or
@choccitymusic but I will…

— Maybach Music Group (@MaybachMusicGrp)
November 23, 2013
….be in Nigeria soon." -Wale
— Maybach Music Group (@MaybachMusicGrp)
November 23, 2013


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