Sunday, 3 November 2013

Miley Cyrus Dressed Like Lil’ Kim For Halloween [photos]

Oh yea! Its d Halloween Season... And you should expect nothing but weird Outfits, this Time around Hannah Montanna child Star "Miley Cyrus" is in the News again.
After so many raunchy pictures and a controversial
performance, Miley is back on the big scene as she
posed as Lil' Kim for Halloween last night.
Miley posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram with a
caption "Happy Hallllllloweeeeen." She also mentioned
Kim in one of her post and Kim replied her saying
"awwww look at my baby @mileycyrus Looking
GORGEOUS tonight!!"
Reports said Cyrus once said earlier this year that Lil'
Kim is like herself in past life and Nicki Minaj is the Lil'
Kim of her generation.

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