Friday, 1 November 2013

NEWS: Wizkid is not a threat + I wanna go into Oil Business – Davido

Jayne Augoye engages rave of the moment, Davido, on
fame, family and music
Davido is one artiste who sure knows how to blow his
own trumpet. But, who won't, when one has certain
things going on well for oneself or when 'the lines have
fallen unto pleasant places' as the Psalmist says. A rich
father, a successful career which is barely three years
old, a multi-million naira endorsement deal, sold-out
concerts, a string of hits, a personal home, an enviable
fleet of cars and a growing fan base – Davido boast all at
the moment.
At 20, he has no doubt garnered what has taken many
artistes years to achieve, that is, if God and mother-luck
shines generously on them.
Ever since he drew the attention of millions of music fans
to himself when he introduced himself as 'Omo baba
olowo' in his 2011 hit song titled 'Dami duro', there has
been no looking back for the singer, who says he is
currently a part time student at Babcock University,
Ilishan Remo.
"Everything is just God because I just wanted to do
music, be happy and comfortable but He just turned my
fortunes around and I thank Him for that," he quips.
For some established artistes, fame and wealth can be a
tad difficult to manage. But for Davido, it's been a tough
call especially since he has achieved both at a young
"Even though I have fame, money and other things
working for me, I didn't expect to be this big. I find it
sometimes overwhelming that I am immediately
recognised wherever I go and it is such a great feeling,
that sometimes I feel like the president. I miss partying at
the club with my friends, but at the same time I am happy
because this is what I have always wanted to do," he
No stranger to controversies and online scandals,
Davido, admits that despite being a celebrity, he isn't
immune to general life issues.
"No doubt I have made some mistakes and I am not
perfect. You know, sometimes I get overwhelmed or
annoyed. I am a human being too, people have to
understand that before they are quick to judge my
actions," he admits.
The Nigerian music scene has become a lot more
competitive with various artistes emerging and others
bowing out of the scene after a hit. Davido considers
himself an authority in his own right. His reason? "I'm not
afraid of competition or the fact that some person will just
appear on the scene and take the shine. After all, I did it
to some people, so I expect that it is something that must
happen to everyone because you can't be shining
forever. But once you are good to others, make good
music, have loyal fans, that's all that matters."
Not one to throw in the towel so soon, the 20-year old
singer appears to have his future plans all sorted out,
already. "I have plans to go into oil and gas business with
my elder brother next year. I want to do music for 10
years. By that time, I will be 30, and free to rest. Some
people are just starting out at 30 but I am already a
success and threat at 20. Fame at a young age is a plus
because I still have like 10 years to ball while some
people are just starting at 27 and 30."
So, is Wizkid not a threat or music rival? To this, he says,
"Not at all. The rumour is cool. But I see nobody as
competition or threat. God is behind me, so I just go into
the studio, do my music and everything is fine. I develop
and write most of my songs in the studio."
It is almost impossible to have a chat with Davido and
not ask about how much influence his father has had on
his career. After all, he says it for all who care to listen
that he is a rich kid.
In an unapologetic tone, he says, "Yes my father is rich,
but the truth is some people only knew who he was after
I released my song, 'Omo Baba Olowo'. I want people to
know that the song was not a hit because of my father
but because it was dope. I didn't sing 'OBO' because of
my father's wealth – contrary to what people think."
The singer, who developed an interest in music at age
13, also admits that he enjoys a very cordial relationship
with his father, despite his busy nature.
Amidst laughter, he says, "My father and family always
keep me grounded. They call me from time to time to ask
about my welfare. My father actually visits all these blogs
to read and see all my nonsense. Just like the typical
Yoruba father, he scolds me and whenever he does that,
I will say, 'Daddy cool down, what's going on, relax.'
Although he is also very proud of me, he is scared and
happy for me at the same time."
A few weeks back, the video for his hit song, Skelewu,
was met with mixed reactions and this did not go down
well with the singer. He says, "The song is big already;
so whatever we do people are still going to talk anyway. I
shot the video like a movie and there are three videos, so
people can watch whichever one they want.
"If you don't like the instructional video, you can watch
Sesan's, if you don't like that one; you can watch Moe
Musa's. If people want, I will shoot one more video, it's
not easy."
Although the lad admits that he has taken the criticisms
in good faith, his countenance betrays him, so does his
response, he says, "When the first video leaked they said
they didn't like it. Everyone knew that we were about to
shoot, and he (Sesan), had the video. So it may not be
him that leaked it. But we have since apologised to his
camp and everybody.

Sourced from The Punch Ng

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