Friday, 23 August 2013

VIDEO: Burna Boy ( @burna_boy )Chats With Toolz ( @ToolzO ) On Ndani TV’s The Juice

The popular OAP shared this via her instagram
page. She captioned it.
"So I tried to 'lil brother-zone' @burna_boy – I
don't think it worked! " #TheJuice on #NdaniTVI.
LOL! Its like there is something going on between Oluwa Burna and Toolz O, anyways
Rave of the momemt Burna boy sat down with media
personality Toolz for a 14 minute chat, on GT Bank
sponsored web show "The Juice". They talk about Burna
Boy's debut album L.I.F.E – Leaving an Impact For
Eternity which dropped last week, his personal life
amongst other topics.
Gotta say Toolz make up is hot, and her & Burna get
rather flirtatious during the interview
Watch it after the jump - Click On D LINK BELOW TO DOWN

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