Sunday, 25 August 2013

NEWS: BREAKING NEWS : #BBATheChase: Dillish Wins Big Brother Africa The Chase 2013, walks home with $300,000

And its a Wrap!!!
The grande finale of reality TV show Big Brother Africa
just went down & it was down to five finalists Beverly,
Melvin, Cleo, Elikem & Dilish. First to be evicted was
Beverly followed by Melvin, then Elikem, leaving Cleo &
Dillish as the final two standing!
At the end of the day Cleo was evicted leaving Namibia's
Dilish as the housemate in the house the longest making
her the winner of the 8th season of Big Brother Africa.
Going home with the $300,000 prize! BOOOOOOOOM!

Big Brother brought back the 23 Evicted Housemates to
share in the excitement of the night and witness the
crowning of The Chase winner & performances from
former houseate Sulu, Ghana's R2Bees, Nigeria's Ice
Prince & many more.

The other day I threw opened the question to you guys to
predict who would win & you all got it
wrong cos most of you predicted Melvin and Majority said Beverly would win.
This would be the 3rd time a female is winning Big
Brother Africa!

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