Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NEWS: REVEALED: Boko Haram Sponsors Have Been Exposed (See Names & Photos) below

Alleged Sponsors Of Boko Haram
Nigeria's National Security Adviser shocked many when
he boldly admitted that Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Ibrahim
Babangida(IBB) or the presidential ambition of Atiku
Abubakar was behind Boko Haram's Sponsorship.
Shortly after his shocking revelations to the Nigerian
people, General Azazi was axed from his position. A little
later, he was killed when the chopper he was travelling in
was exploded over Bayelsa.
In his capacity, General Azazi must have known the
truth. He obviously had the details surrounding Boko
Haram. If anyone should know who is behind Boko
Haram, it is the National Security Adviser.
On several occasions, President Goodluck Jonathan has
intimated that the presidency knows the forces behind
Boko Haram. He has even admitted that they are top
level officials.
Explicitly, General Azazi lay bare to his audience who
was behind the unrest narrowing it down to the result of
'unconstitutional' PDP convention regulations, which
were used to decide who could and could not run for
The late General Azazi was ready to die for the truth. He
was willing to pay the ultimate price for Nigerians to know
the truth against all odds.
Gen. Azazi further reviewed the common suspects that
are presented to explain the terror that is Boko Haram
such as religion, poverty but also the 'die-hard-to-be-
president' factor.
Azazi said:
"The extent of violence did not increase in Nigeria until
there was a declaration by the current president that he
was going to contest.
"PDP got it wrong from the beginning, from the on-set by
saying Mr A can rule, Mr A cannot rule, Mr B can rule, Mr
B cannot rule, according to PDP's convention, rules and
regulation and not according to the constitution
{applause}and that created the climate for what has
manifest itself, this way.
"I believe that there is some element of politicization. is it
possible that somebody was thinking that only Mr. A
could win, and if he did not win, there will be problems in
this society.
"Let's examine all these issues to see whether the level
of violence in the North East just escalated because
Boko Haram suddenly became better trained, better
equipped and better funded, and in any case how did
they get it all done…{warning of Boko Haram becoming
snipers – who could potentially target elite}
"But, then I must also be quick to point out that today,
even if all the leaders that we know in Boko Haram are
arrested, I don't think the problem would end, because
there are tentacles.
"I don't think that people would be satisfied, because the
situations that created the problems are not just about
the religion, poverty or the desire to rule Nigeria.
"I think it's a combination of everything. Except you
address all those things comprehensively, it would not
Building a terrorist capacity – the arms, the skills and the
confidence – is not an easy thing. The whole capacity
building is a very complex process.
General Azazi and NSA knows just how hard it is to get
the funding, immunity and the mindset, all things that
Boko Haram got as soon as Goodluck Jonathan was
sworn into office.
Without top level support, it is practically impossible to
pull off a Boko Haram. It takes military experience,
wealth and intelligence.
You have to be top level, untouchable master and a die
hard to be president to make a decision of arming,
equipping and protecting Boko Haram, developing it into
such a strong and complex threat.
This brings clarity into why Boko Haram remains such an
elusive target unlike any terrorist outfit in history.
A significant note about Boko Haram is that it never quite
declares its intentions – goals and ambition.
The Boko Haram message is being delivered to one
person alone: the President. The rest of their activities
are just meant to magnify their reputation and satisfy
their love for blood as they 'get high' on heroin and
That also explains why those who are captured
consistently say that they do have a sponsor but cannot
mention his name even with a knife on their throats.
Reason: they say if they did, the whole of Nigeria would

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