Thursday, 29 August 2013

NEWS: Technology ( Introducing The New Black Betty 2k Camera – With In-built Apple Mac Mini )

The New Black Betty 2k camera, is the next big thing.
This is a camera that was born out of filmmaker's
frustration. It is the first cinema camera in the world
that can shoot, edit as well as post footage online
internally, without the use of any other hardware. it is a
complete cinema solution package, utilizing an Apple
Mac Mini computer with a silicon imaging SI-2k mini for
the imager.
The most outstanding feature that surprised us though,
is the built-in Apple Mini Mac desktop, with a 2.5-inch
SSD for recording. it also enables you edit and even
upload online in-camera. The desktop can be
detached from the camera head and its 7-inch, 720p
monitor, then tethered via ethernet.
Unfortunately, it can only be rented for now. But still, it
is a very well packaged and balanced gadget, and it
comes with a nice retro look, too.
Sourced from 36ng

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