Saturday, 22 March 2014

NEWS: ‘I saw Wizkid poisoned, Davido in a fatal accident & Aso rock on fire’ – Soul E makes his 1st revelation as a prophet

I actually chuckled off when I came across this news but anyways For those who don't know Soul E, am sure some of y'all will remember this lyrics " Soul E baba dey hia... :) as popularly
remembered and refferred to is now a self-
proclaimed prophet...He told Enconmuim

"I don't like talking about myself but by the
grace of God, I would say I was called into
the office of a prophet.The fact is, I am a
prophet called to bless people around the
world. So, I thank God for commissioning

….And this is his first vision given to him by God
which posted on his facebook page
"When GOD gives a vision he gives it so we
are careful and pray, as i was sleeping the
lord open my eyes and saw wizkid been
poisoned he needs to be very careful and
get close to GOD, i also saw divido in a very
fatal moto car accident i stand a prophet
and i cancel this, finally i saw ASO ROCK on
fire the president needs to delay 3day of
fasting and pray for the nation am not hear
to make any one afraid if GOD reviews a
vision he is ready to save….. SOUL E"


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