Monday, 7 October 2013

NEWS: Jay-Z Forgets Lyrics to his Song while performing in Manchester Show

The rapper skipped several lines of the song,
which is featured in his and Kanye West's 2012
album 'Watch the Throne', before continuing the
performance normally.
Jay-Z recently kicked off his Magna Carta world tour in Manchester, England.
Unfortunately, not everything went as smooth as he expected, as the rapper was caught messing up the lines of "No Church in the Wild", a collaboration with Kanye West and Frank Ocean.
Jay-Z was performing the track, which is featured in his and West's 2011 release "Watch the
Throne". It was all okay until he reached the lines
that said, "Cocaine seats, all white like I got the
whole thing bleached." Jay-Z forgot the "cocaine
seats" part and subsequently lost his rhythm.
He also skipped several lines. Everything's back
to normal when the hook, which is originally
Ocean's part, kicked in.
During that night's show, Jay-Z performed about
30 songs, which were lifted from his records that
included his latest one, "Magna Carta... Holy
Grail". The husband of singer Beyonce Knowles
also delivered the first ever live performance of
"Pound Cake", his collaboration with Drake off the
latter's "Nothing Was the Same" album.

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