Tuesday, 22 October 2013


‪so I stumbled across dis Site [ www.Bluepprintmagazine.co ] known as BLUE PRINT ONLINE TEEN MAGAZINE while I was surfing the Internet...Below is a Lil something about this Mag! I'll reckon you all to check it out from time to time...

BLUEPRINT Magazine is an online teen magazine, the first of its kind. BLUEPRINT is all about innovation & creativity, bringing out ideas that have never been seen before.‬

‪The idea was brought up by Onyinye Muobuike, the editor in chief, early in August 2013 and since then BLUEPRINT has taken flight, soaring above & beyond all expectations with a team of Chike Okwudiafor, Imade Iyamu, Funmi Lawole, Fikayo Oyewunmi & others‬

‪BLUEPRINT features fashion & style sections, as well as creative writing, lifestyle and the chill pill section. Each section has something special and incisive to offer everybody.‬

‪A Blueprint literally is a special plan or design for creating something new. BLUEPRINT Magazine is more than just a magazine: it is a movement to create a better society. We are all part of the BLUEPRINT.‬

You can visit www.Blueprintmagazine.co for more Info! Or Follow @blueprintMag_ via twitter Or ff the Team @Am_Everii_Gyal @Imadds_ @chikee_O

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Anonymous said...

The mag is wonderful, dj roszay you're awesome for bringing us to notice this brilliant teamn of youth using their time wisely

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