Monday, 23 February 2015

NEWS: Brookly Rapper Bobby Shmurda, in Jail, Finds His Label Unsupportive and Wants Out Of His EPIC Records Deal *See details*

Brooklyn rapper Ackquille Pollard, better known as Bobby Shmurda "Hot Nig**r" has been in jail for 2months now and this is as a result of gang conspiracy and gun charges, his mother has visited twice a week. His hip-hop idols have offered words of support.

The Hot Nig**r rapper says that he hasn't heard what he wants from his label, Epic Records — namely a firm reassurance of its backing and help making his $2 million bail:
"When I got locked up, I thought they were
going to come for me," he said in an interview from the Manhattan Detention Complex, "but they never came."

Barely six months ago, Epic, a subsidiary of Sony, wooed Mr. Pollard, 20, with a seven-figure, multi-album deal, largely on the strength of one viral hit, known in its censored version as "Hot Boy." With the label's support, that song went on to reach No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But now, after Mr. Pollard's electric performance on "The Tonight Show" and almost 1 million downloads sold — more than 800,000 for "Hot Boy" alone, according to Nielsen Music — Epic has distanced itself, declining, despite pleas from music industry figures like 50 Cent, to help the rapper get out.

Mr. Pollard, who was raised in East Flatbush, is not the first artist to use his hard-knock stories to try to leave behind a bad neighborhood, only to find himself stuck in the world he was rapping about. But his rise and fall at light-speed illustrates the clash that can occur when a music business seeking street credibility signs a rapper hoping to escape the street. Labels may believe that by offering money and celebrity, they
are giving troubled youths a path out. But some rappers like Bobby Shmurda think, perhaps naïvely, they are receiving that and more — a guiding
hand and unyielding loyalty, whatever may come.

Older hip-hop stars remember when labels were full service: 50 Cent
recalled getting rappers on his Interscope imprint, G Unit, out of jail in
a matter of hours; Suge Knight of Death Row Records infamously paid
Tupac Shakur's bail in exchange for a recording contract.
But as rap has become more corporate, that kind of aid is unusual.

Matthew Middleton, Mr. Pollard's entertainment lawyer, said that while Epic is not obligated to cover bail or legal fees for Mr. Pollard, the
artist expected more support, financial and emotional, especially after the label's spirited pursuit of the rapper made them business partners.
"These companies for years have capitalized and made millions and millions of dollars from kids in the inner city portraying their plight to
the rest of the world," Mr. Middleton said. "To take advantage of that
and exploit it from a business standpoint and then turn your back is
disingenuous, to say the least."
Epic declined requests to comment on Mr. Pollard's status. But industry
sources say they understand the company's reluctance to get involved,
given the seriousness of the charges.

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