Monday, 7 October 2013

NEWS: Why I Cut My Hair, Stick My Tongue Out & Went Naked In Video - Miley Cyrus

In an exclusive interview with Judith Woods of
DailyMail, Miley Cyrus clears things up and tells her own side of the story.
In no particular order: she has turned lesbian, she is
mounting a rebellion against the structures of her Disney childhood, she is on drugs, and she is having a nervous breakdown.

Question:• Why did you cut your lovely Hannah
Montana hair? What did your mother say?
She must be furious; I mean, I'm not your
mother and I'm pretty cross.'

Ans:Ha, ha. Yeah, when I did it my mom was shocked at first
and tripped out – I mean, she's got the
whole long blonde hair thing going on – but now she
loves it and wouldn't have me with it any other way,' says
'I'm trying to break out of that long hair, big boobs
stereotype that women feel they have to conform to.
I mean, we're not living in the freakin' 1950s – short hair
is OK. Have people really got so little imagination?
Every morning I look in the mirror and I feel like a blank
canvas and I choose who I want to be. In a normal job
you have to live by someone else's rules, but I'm in a job
where my work is play and I don't have to pretend to be
something I'm not.'

Question:About why all the drama she has created:

Ans: People try to make everything so thought out when
sometimes there's no real reason why. My fans love the
fact that everything I'm doing is my choice. It's my body. I
want what I do to be memorable and so do my fans – I'm
just living, just being.'

Question: But Miley, if you wanted to establish
yourself as an adult artist, why the
suggestive foam finger? Why not a power

Everything I've ever done was how I felt at that exact
moment. You have to have confidence as an entertainer
and I believe – I know – that no one can be a better
version of me than me.
Sure, I could put on a gown and have some beauty
pictures taken of me, but where's the honesty in that?
In my video for "Wrecking Ball" I am naked and
vulnerable and crying because it's a song about how it
feels when everything around you has been destroyed.'
Appearing naked was really no big deal. I'm very
confident being naked. I feel that stripping off is a way of
expressing purity of emotion.'

Question:About sticking out her tongue:

I stick my tongue out because straight photos are sooo
But even if I do stick my tongue out, that doesn't change
the quality of the human being inside. I'd rather be
honest and upfront; being a good person isn't about
sitting with your legs crossed. I'm just being who I am,
which is the best example I can be.'
Her Aim:
I want to be memorable. That's what my fans want too.
Everyone's talking about me, waiting to see what I'm
doing next. And, yeah, I like things to be bright and
colourful and fun, but then I make "Wrecking Ball", which
is darker and grey. And then I'll maybe go back to
running around being crazy. I want to keep people

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