Thursday, 5 September 2013

VIDEO: OJORO by MYSTRO ( @am_mystro )

21 year old Artiste/Music Producer, MYSTRO, is an
exceptionally talented young man with great passion
for his music which he believes in absolutely. Segun
Michael Ajayi, (Mystro) has mastered the art of playing
multiple musical instruments at a tender age and
that enabled him to develop deep love for modern
Jazz Music, Soul and R'n'B. These genres of music
carved Mystro out to be the artiste he is today.
Mystro displays his genius by singing/producing an up
tempo song 'OJORO' in order that the clubs can
identify with his music. He went one more step ahead
to put the song into visuals.
The video was shot in Cape-Town, Soweto and
Johannesburg, South Africa by the Video Director
behind recent videos by Darey and EldeeTheDon, he
is no other than – Mark Hofmeyr, the video was shot
with 3D visuals and it's effects are catchy and
perfected with crisp quality.
Here's the version for your viewing.
Please ENJOY!

Download here :::

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