Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NEWS: Nigerian Music is unintelligent:even goats can dance to our music- Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz who is a rapper/producer told Hiphop World mag and I quote below...
"My top 3 artistes in Nigeria are me, me, me. No one
works harder than me. I would love to see a lot of my
colleagues step up their game….This is not a Kendrick
thing. You don't need Jesus to tell you that Nigerian
music is unintelligent. Even Goats can dance to our
music. Can Jesse Jagz make Nigeria a better place for
Wizkid? Can Wizkid do same too? Let adults do better and let kids party. We need to leave something better for the coming generation"

Do u agree with Him or not?
Drop ur comments below.

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