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FEATURES: READ and GET INSPIRED :WORTHY OF NOTE : I will Win Bring Back the Grammy - MoralMore @Moraalmore

Here is another Gentle man, who believes he is the Next big thing and that he will win a grammy... " The Future is for those Who take it Today" and Moral More has decided to proof that to the whole world, why don't you scroll down to read and GET inspire and also to make that Passion for something a Profession...

Asogwa Emmanuel aka Moral More is one of Abuja's
fast-rising music star. In this chat with ANTHONY ADA
ABRAHAM, the 20-year-old native of Enugu State and
undergraduate of Political Science of the National Open
University reveals why he opted for music as a career,
and why he will win a Grammy.

Taking music professionally
"I ventured into rofessional music back in 2003. Before
then, I had spent most of my time singing with the choir
of my local church. While singing, I came to appreciate
the art itself, its tonal value and the sounds of the
instruments, the voices and the hymns. I needed no
further convincing. I started off like every other
celebrated music icon in the world today, but the only
difference is that I am still a church boy."
Challenges facing the music industry
"Often, I wonder why things never work out right and, in
most cases, why young musicians have to suffer awhile
before getting a record deal. I have come to the
conclusion that the Nigerian record labels and marketers
are not helping the situation; they are all after money, not
talent. The government, on the other hand, has refused
to look the way of the industry.
"Financial obstacles have made the career more
demanding, so much that an up-and-coming artiste has
to work and get paid, before he can produce a single.
Even after that, if you need to promote the single, you
have to do it to an appreciable level. Worse, the job
opportunities are not there. It is painful that the youths of
this country are neglected. The government has to look
into this matter."
Album, collaborations
"I am actually working relentlessly on my debut album
which is due for release in December 2013. Officially, I
have Wizkid, White Nigerian, Zeelex, Naturez, Fred Rock
on the album. Soon, though, the audio and video for the
single Shericoco, featuring White Nigerian – my brother
from another mother – will be out. I dare say that it will be
the biggest and most amazing thing to happen to the
Nigerian music industry. Have you heard of the White
Nigerian, the white guy who can speak Hausa, Igbo,
Yoruba even Pidgin. Due to that talent, he has worked
with the best of the Nigerian music industry. I am one of
those opportune to work with him.
"But I have another video and audio titled Feel Tha Boi,
with Naturez currently topping the chart, both on radio
and television stations. It is also a club banger, so it will
go places. Music lovers all over the world have one thing
in common, and that is the appreciation of good music –
the organisation of rhythm, melody, sounds and lyrics.
These are the things which are giving Feel Tha Boi some
good air-time. My producer G.I.D Beat and video director
Justice (DH Pictures) have done so well with me, as well.
"With them,I see myself in so many places – I see myself
at the top correcting so many errors within what we call
Nigerian music industry. I see myself bringing Grammy
home – it will be a feat, one which no one before me has
attempted or accomplished."
Question:Role Model

Ans: "I love 2face Idibia and Lionel Richie. Both are
international and local artistes. I feel overwhelmed when
I listen to them. Also, they have held their own over time,
because they have all it takes to survive the pressure in
the industry. This is why they are my role models. As for
2Face, they call him 2Baba, but I think he has more than
two faces. They should think about calling him something
like… 17Faces (hard laughter)."
Message to fans
"So far, I have been left speechless over the response to
my music. I want them to keep the fire burning and keep
supporting me, because every single vote of confidence
from them counts. As for me, I will never let them down
in any aspect. So, I will keep good, evergreen music
coming your way."

This is One kid we all need to Look out for...

For more info about Moral More:

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