Monday, 23 September 2013

NEWS: Channel O Top 10 Most visionary Music Directors In Africa.

Channel O presents another list: Top 10 Most
visionary Music Directors In Africa. The list features
six Nigerians on the list! That tells a lot about our
growth in the music Industry…now if only that can
creep into our piracy issues. now I don't totally agree
with them about some names but …….

10. J. Hill (Ghana)

9. Mark Hofmeyer (South Africa)

8. AJE (Nigeria)

7. Justine Campos (South Africa)

6. The Godfather (Nigeria)

5. IGHO Tosin (Nigeria)

4. Patrick Ellis (Nigeria)

3. Andrew Macharia (Kenya)

2. Clarence Peters (Nigeria)

1. Sesan (Nigeria)

"It has been a long journey for the music video.
Nowadays, we look forward to a new P Square or
D'Banj video almost as much as we look forward to
their new songs, but it took decades for the form to
earn any respectability and reach the level of technical
maturity. Having started out as better-than-nothing
replacements for live performances, music videos
were just promotional tools before they got serious
about artistic content. But now, with a few decades of
history and lore, music videos feel like a full-fledged
industry of their own. With this list, Channel O
celebrates the medium's pantheon with 10 of its most
visionary African directors.
The list takes into account the flowing criteria:
originality, body of work, views/comments, and
awards. While we acknowledge that depending on the
artist some directors get to work with big budgets, we
will use a ―pound-for-pound approach to even the
playing field."

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