Friday, 20 September 2013

PHOTOS: Benue Girl Stripped Naked For Slashing Her Friend's Face With Razor Blade Because Of Aristo!

This actually happened three days ago, 11am,
September 17th at Inikpi street, High level, Makurdi,
Benue State. And here's the fulllll story guys. *winks*
This girl actually cut her friend with a razor blade after
she learned her friend,who is also her neighbor, had
gone behind her to sleep with her sugar daddy.
Her sugar daddy she had introduced to her neighbor
So on this fateful day, our sugar daddy owner had
gone to confront her friend, only for her neighbor friend
to insult sugar daddy owner's mother, calling her an
This then led to a violent fiery argument, they got
physical, sugar daddy owner unleashed the blade on
her neighbor friend.
Unfortunately, eye witnesses on seeing neighbor friend
bleeding, took laws into their own hands, beat sugar
daddy owner and stripped her naked...
Na wa oh!

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