Saturday, 7 September 2013


Have you ever imagine what it would sound like when
you have a veteran female musician on a 21st century
afro hip hop beat with a promising new school female
Yes! Welcome to the future because that is exactly what
the proudly indigenous Nigeria female singer
" OYINKANSOLA" has brought to the fore front of the
music table. An exclusive and epic collaboration that
bridges the gap between the young and old with a
synergy of old school into the new school music tilted
TILL MORNING featuring the legendary Waka Fuji
music pioneer "Queen Salawa Abeni".
It is Dope! Classic! And somewhat of Historic and
milestone for Oyinkansola, who recently lost out on the
NEA Award for the Most promising female act for the
year 2013, having been nominated and also a dramatic
and scintillating return by the veteran Waka Fuji
originator " Queen Salawa Abeni" after a long silent.
The song, Till Morning produced by Dre Stick will
definitely put you in a very good mood and may end up
keeping your music player on repeat mode. It is surely a
song for that special function most especially in the
South Western Nigeria. This is called Waka Hip Hop!
Listen up @oyinkansola1 @grugged


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