Wednesday, 11 September 2013

MIXTAPES: DJ Sleek @DJSleek1- August - SleekTheMeek Mix

Various and several Disc Jockey(DJ) guys and ladies are out there in the industry. But they all are known for their spectacular brand of music.
But one of the most spectacular DJ in the country right now is the UK born Nigerian Daramola Samuel Jones known has World Famous DJ Sleek. He's currently the CEO of Blynkz Entertainment Empire(BEE) and he's really doing great jobs at the moment.
Sleek has his popularly called has worked with various other Dj's in the likes of DJ Shy Shy Shyllon, DJ Vinnie, DJ Humility, DJ Sose, DJ Abrantee, DJ Abass and more...
And He has played at various occasions such as the U.K Summer Splash, Ghana meets Naija concert, Clubs like Klub Toxic, Red Lounge, Koga Lounge, Club Vegas, Nu Grotto, to mention but a few.
DJ Sleek is well known for his versatile skill and this can only be said to be a God given talent. To make his versatility known and stand, he decided to drop a mix for each month since the beginning of the year. Mixing various brands of music and genres together for every month. Here is what he has done so far;
January - Dance Killer Mix (DKM)
February - Valentine Special Mix (VSM)
March - AfroBeat SleekPeak Mix (ABSPM)
April - Jamz of Life Mix (JOLM)
May - Best Classical Mix (BCM)
June - Techno Mix (TM)
July - Dance Teaser Mix(DTM)

Now for August - SleekTheMeek Mix


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