Thursday, 14 May 2015

NEWS: Show host Squeezes Amber Rose's Behind ( Butt) on T.v | See Photos

Amber Rose has left tongues wagging after she allowed Good Work show host, RuPaul touch, squeeze and shake her butt on national TV.

Rose was a guest on the show and during the chat session, Rupaul queried the real nature of the model cum video vixen’s voluptuous butt as it is been bandied to be fake.

Thus, the show host asked if he could touch Rose’s butt to ascertain the truth in the tale and the mother of one gave her consent saying her booty is 100% natural.

Rose stood up and positioned her butt for RuPaul, who reached out to squeeze her butt, but Rose aided him by lifting up her butt to bounce and saying ‘You’ve gotta lift it like that.’

An elated RuPaul couldn’t contain his excitement saying, ‘This s— is real. This case is closed! I love it.’

‘This s— is real-RuPaul
 Credits: Instagram and Loggtv

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