Monday, 6 January 2014

NEWS: *MUST READ* Unknown Person Writes an Open Letter to Maheeda

Maheeda Aka I use my Nude pics to gain attention is known for controversies, so am sure she needs no introduction... In other News, I stumbled on this Open Letter via ma source Naijatunes, am sure this person decided to write this letter because of what he/she read concerning Maheeda in a recent interview. So I felt I should share it with you all, Fingers crossed Let's hope Maheeda see this and gets back to her senses... LOL!

See Letter Below:

Dear Maheeda,
I am quite sure that you will find this piece of write-up
not appealing but the fact is just that you need to re-
check yourself and also re-structure your life. I am not
preaching the gospel to you, neither am I seeking
public attention.
I read one of your recent interview
with one of Africa biggest Newspaper where you said
that you are proud of your n##de pictures. You also
talked about your background which I found so rough
and am very sorry for that.
Nobody would have prayed for such background and I
really appreciate your courage and struggle girl
(Thumbs UP).
But all the same Maheeda, Ramsey
Noah slept under Lagos Bridge without food. He
struggled without exposing his butt or circulating his n#
#de pics and now he is one of the biggest Actors we
see on screen in Africa.
Did you know that Mercy Johnson once lived in an
uncompleted building as a young girl with a lot of
dreams? She struggled and went through a lot of
tribulations but now she is also one of the biggest
Actress in Africa.
*You don't have to pose n##de
before you become great or before you actualize your
dreams. Upcoming Acts take note of that.
STOP: presenting yourself has a born again Christian.
Chai! Satan Punish Devil. My dear you are very much
far from it. I wonder if you know the meaning of been a
born again. It about having total submission to God.
Been spiritually and morally okay which I don't think
you are.
I can't still believed that you were once a gospel
singer. It is never to late for you to change your heart
and your
ways. You claimed that your mum and
husband supports you. Who cares if they support you
or not ? What matters most is for you to get back to
your senses. Funny enough I can't m–•–s–t–u–r–b–a–
t–e to your n##de pictures not to talk of deriving
pleasure from staring at it.
You want attention, you are an
attention seeker. That's cool but get your attention
using another means. You put n##de pics because
you claimed that you are into what you call
'showbiz' but I call it 'showkey'.
Be Wise Sister Maheeda. Enough Of The Dirty Yansh
Wey We Dey See. A Word Is Enough For The Wise.
People Are Watching You. Be A Good Role Model.


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