Monday, 6 January 2014

NEWS: Maheeda – My Daughter Has Never Seen My Nude Pictures, She’s Not Even Allowed Access To Social Media

Everybody gets criticized whether you do good
or bad. I have read and heard so much about me that I
am now used to it. Thanks to them, they have helped me
develop a thick skin.
I am married and my husband is Dutch. What I am doing
is not alien to him or his family and he understands
Maheeda 31 had her daughter when she was 17.
Maheeda >>> I do not
think this is going to affect her in any way. If my mother
did something like this; there is no way it would have
affected me.
My daughter is not even aware these nude pictures exist
even though she has seen pictures of me in bikini. She is
not even allowed access to the social media. Even if she
gets to view them eventually, it's not going to mean
anything to her because she has the European mentality.
When my daughter is 18, then she can decide what she
Currently, she is under my care and I won't let her do
what I am doing.
I know what I am doing. The pictures are not targeted at
anything. It is all about attention and there is no mistake
about it.
This business of music is called show business and I am
convinced I am on the right track. I owe no apologies.
I just realised this way will be a faster hit than any other
way. The pictures are working for me. As you can see,
there's so much attention on me.

All of a sudden, people want to listen to my old singles
and are looking forward to my debut album.
I met my husband at a bar when he just came to Nigeria. We are
happily married. Even before we got married, he
understood my kind of person. He was aware of my
vision. He has always been supportive.
He just laughs whenever he comes across any of my
pictures. It's in Africa that we attach much importance to
such things and consider it sacrilegious.

For those who don't know now you know she's happily married with a Daughter... Hmmmm...

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