Monday, 29 February 2016

NEWS : Beef Alert! HKN’ s BRed Threatens To Beat Rapper Yung 6ix if he sees him ( Real full gist)

2016 is no doubt the year of beef!
Right from January 1st , the public has been entertained
by a series of public spats between some of our most
notable and not so notable celebs!
And today joining the endless list of celebs beefing is
HKN ’ s BRed & Yung 6 ix .
BRed who is Davido ’ s cousin recently threatened to beat
up rapper Yungsix. Taking to his snapchat the HKN
Artiste said ,
First of all , Yung 6 ix if i see you , I ’ m fu * king
going to beat your ass . I’ m going to F* ck you and
your crew up , You understand . You are wearing a
fake chain , You are F* cking broke
We don ’ t know what brought about this threat , but what
we do know is that on January 26 , 2016 Yung took
to Twitter where he threatened to expose big names in
the industry for their injustice against him . A month
later and he still hasn ’ t released the names.
Yungsix has yet to reply !
Could be BRed ’ s threat be linked to Yungsix ’ s January
threat ? Who knows ?!

Image Credit: Yung 6 ix & BredHKN + Source :

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