Saturday, 1 August 2015

E NEWS: Fetty Wap Becomes First Rapper Since Eminem with 3 ‘Top 20′ Singles

Is it safe to say, with confidence, that Fetty Wap is
not a one, or even two-hit-wonder?
According to Billboard , Fetty Wap is the first male
rapper with three songs in the top 20 since Eminem
ranked at #2 with The Monster , featuring Rihanna,
#13 with Rap God and #19 with Berzerk , back on Nov.
23, 2013. The three songs that Fetty currently has in
the top 20 are: Trap Queen at #6, My Way at #7 and
679 at #18.
Furthermore, Fetty Wap is the first male rapper, as
a lead act, in 4 years to have two concurrent singles
in the top 10. The last time it happened was on
September 3, 2011, when Lil Wayne held the #2 spot
with She Will , featuring Drake, and the #8 spot with
How To Love .
Those are some very impressive milestones, especially
for an artist who was just an XXL Freshman this
year! Congrats to Fetty Wap, The Remy Boyz and his
label, 300!

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