Monday, 6 January 2014

NEWS: Rihanna To Sell off Xmas Gifts and Burn An Apology Letter given to Her by Chris Brown

Just when we thought this Year might be a Reconciliation year for Chris Brown and Rihanna, we just may never
see Rihanna & Chris Brown as a couple again. This is
because she is giving away everything he gave her.

According to recent post from
On New Year's Eve, a source close to Rihanna said
Chris Brown gave her two things: an apology letter and a
gold necklace. Well, she lit her ex's letter on fire (yes,
really), and guess what? She doesn't plan on keeping
the expensive piece of jewelry either!
"Rihanna's thinking about what to do with that gold
necklace Chris gave her(the one above).And get this she
actually thinks it would be cruel to give it to charity! "She
doesn't want to pass along some bulls**t and bad energy
to someone else. She will eventually sell it and then give
the money to charity,"
"He put a lot of hurt in her heart and there's a lot of
damage there," the source says. "She doesn't want
anything to remind her of him going forward in the new
year. She wants nothing to remember him by.
Besides dumping the gold necklace, the singer also
torched the letter Chris sent her, reducing his apology to
a heap of ashes. Chris' letter apologized for all of the
pain he caused Rihanna, she
"put ashes on that letter until it burned. She said, 'good
riddance,' and continued to entertain her guests."


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