Tuesday, 7 January 2014

NEWS: Chris Brown Reaction To Rihanna Burning His Love Letter " Rihanna is Crazy and I am paying her No mind"

Well Chris Brown has had enough! The "Fine China" singer
says he's officially "over" Rihanna after the Unapologetic
artist burned his heartfelt love letter. "He's paying her no
mind and he thinks she's crazy," a source tells
HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.
Chris Brown On Rihanna Love Letter — His Reaction
To Her Burning His Letter
Chris, 24, is telling his friends that he was coming from a
place of sincerity and love when he spilled his guts to
Rihanna in his January, 2013 letter. The singer is
understandably shocked that RiRi torched the precious
words he had carefully thought out and put on paper for
"He's paying her no mind and he thinks she's crazy," a
source close to the rapper tells HollywoodLife.com
EXCLUSIVELY. "He's not sitting around, going through
sh** she gave him and ripping sh** up. All the things he
gave her were because he cared about her and loved
her. He did that from his heart."

Poor Chris! It sounds like Rihanna's actions have really
hurt him.


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